When it comes to booking a gig, how you present yourself on paper is of utmost importance. This will determine if you will get a hit from the potential recruiters, stand above the competition and land in an interview.

What you will need to present to your potential recruiters is:

  • A fully featured Electronic Press Kit EPK
  • A graphic designed Resume

DJPressKIT is the newest way to ensure that you stand out from the crowd and get the gig!
The DJPressKIT has been specially formulated to ensure that all of your personal details are listed, whilst ensuring your main events, gigs and high profile shows are at the pinnacle.

It is your resume but different. The DJPressKIT makes sure that you are SEEN, that you are the one they want as you are different and not afraid to show it!

The DJPressKIT is an instant hit with many DJ’s finally getting the break they deserve. If you want to be part of this – if you want to be a PRO instead of a regular JOE, here is your chance!
Here are the key points of the DJPressKIT: